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Tengwar icons, banners, etc.
To Request - FAQ and Ask Questions

I created this community to give myself a venue to post my work all in one place. Most of what I've done in the past has been with various Tengwar fonts (based on the scripts created by J.R.R. Tolkien) and his been rather uninspired as far as backgrounds and color choices. I'm hoping to remedy that shortly as I learn more about graphic design and iconning in particular. So, in short, I make icons and other graphic pieces that have Tengwar featured in them somewhere.

This community also will function as a request community. Let me outline my capabilities.

-I am fairly good at transcription, but by no means an expert. Please don't take my word as gospel or use what I transcribe for anything permanent, such as a tattoo. I could try to help you if you are stuck with your own transcription, but there are other communities that are better at this, such as tengwar.

-I am not very good at translating anything into Quenya or Sindarin. (Spanish, maybe...) So please don't ask me to translate something for you. I can, however, transcribe (put into Tengwar) something already translated. I have made many name icons, based off of the Quenya Lapseparma names list.

-I am in the process of learning much more about iconning, so my skills will be ever-evolving. Don't expect anything too fancy at first!

-If you have a request, make it as easy for me as possible. Provide exactly what it is you want to be transcribed and any colors that you want used (numerical color values are love, if you have them), or ideas for backgrounds. If you know of a technique you like and I don't know it, I'm willing to learn if you want to explain it.

-I have a lot of responsibilities, so my time is sometimes under a lot of demand. I may take a while to complete requests. I will try to keep you updated, but if you haven't heard from me in a while, a polite reminder/note is not out of line. ('A while' is usually defined as a week or more.)

That said, there are a couple of rules:

-Please feel free to watch the community (it won't be getting that many posts, so no flist clogging), but membership at the current time is limited to those who will be doing the posting, namely me. I may in the future be interested in letting others join in if they like making Tengwar icons, etc., but I'm not sure how likely that will be, and anyway 'nosta' is the Quenya translation of my name and therefore personal.

-To post a request, reply to the request thread. I'll post the result in a new one for you. There is no request template at the current time, but like I said, the more specific the better (text, size, color, etc.).

-Don't be a jerk. I don't talk to jerks, and jerks will not get requests fulfilled.

-I might make something that is meant only for a specific person and post it. Generally speaking, anything I make that is only for the use of the requester I won't post to the community, but if I do and I catch someone else using it, I will be displeased. But unless I know you and want to make you a gift or something, anything I make will be for anyone to use. In other words, just because you requested it doesn't mean that others can't use it, unless we have a special arrangement.

-Credit where credit is due. Please credit me in your use of my work. I get cranky if you don't.

-No hotlinking. Actually, I'd like to see someone try. The server I post all of my stuff to has hotlink protection, and any site not on the list of allowed sites will not actually be able to display the image.

So that's it! Welcome!