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limited time offer

I've recently got a hold of a copy of Creative Suite 4 Design Standard and I'm looking for excuses to play with Photoshop. This mainly means images. My icons tend to be more text-based, so I typically use Illustrator.

I've been thinking, and I've decided that for a limited time I'd also offer to to do banners for LJ layouts, if anyone is interested. I've recently redone my own. (Of course, that was with Illustrator.) If you are interested, let's talk! If I can envision what you'd like, I'll give it a shot. Incidentally, I do know a lot about CSS and such so if you're intimidated by doing a custom layout, don't be! I can help you figure it out.


You want to try a banner for me?

The only thing I wish is the width of the banner is bigger or equal to the width of my current layout. (It works with percentage.)
I have a 1280x800px screen and the layout width is 65%.
Hmm, so you're okay with having a header that's like 832px but stays fixed? It might look wonky for others. Have you thought of maybe something like this: http://sgxover.hugosnebula.com/index.php?skin=DesertBrown It's big enough that it appears in pretty much every resolution, but doesn't force the rest of the layout to size around it.

Are you using cutsom CSS? And if so, can you link me to it? (So I can see what's the best way to approach this. Also, then I could get your hex color numbers.)

Thirdly, because I'm awfully demanding today, lol, what did you have in mind, image-wise? Or is there something you absolutely hate and don't want?
Ooh, and I forgot to say. As far as photos go, I'd probably pull from here: http://morguefile.com/archive/ Because it's free, mainly. : ) Unless you've got something else in mind.
I am awfully demanding myself.
If it makes it easier for you, I can change to a fixed width of 800something.

I am using custom CSS. The Umbrella Knight by malionette. It is modified in width by me and the maker modified the placing of the moodtheme pics for me as well as the showing of the navigation bar at the top.
I have the code as an rtf file on my drive if it helps.

As far as the pictures go. I would love something with water in it, a beach or some moving water. Maybe something that reflects nature as well as technology or books? (I am getting picky, sorry.)
Well, it's up to you if you want to change from relative to fixed. Just let me know. And if you'd send me the CSS, that'd be great!

I'll start looking for pics and such to see if I can get any ideas going.
I modified to a fixed width of 800px :)

And an email is on the way to you.

I got it, thanks! Not sure how long it will take me to accomplish this, but I'll try to be quick about it.
No hurry, I survived years without a header/banner thing.
Oooh, I think I might just take you up on that! I'd been thinking of doing one myself but I've been avoiding my resolution to learn CSS so there's that little snag...
LOL. Well, you're in luck. Lots of people put custom layouts out there for you to take, and so all you'd really have to do is change the colors around a bit, if you want. I won't lie, I didn't make my own custom CSS.
Also, what did you have in mind as far as graphics go?
Ahh... good question. Probably something having to do with nature or books, in earthy colours.

hi, is thsi still up?

Hi, just wondering if You could help em set up my own css- custom design, as well as maybe making me both a banner (General size) saying "Two armies that fight each other is like one large army that commits suicide." and a userpic saying "James" both in Tengwar/Quenya. thank you so much!

Re: hi, is thsi still up?

Sure, the offer's still good. I have to warn you, though, that I haven't done the other two yet, so it might take some time. (I made the offer just before moving cross-country.)

If you want the quote in Quenya, then I'm afraid you'll have to get the translation from someone else. I don't know enough Quenya, unfortunately. I can probably transcribe the English into Tengwar, though.

Tell you what: once I've finished the other banners, I'll respond to your comment again and we can talk colors and stuff like that. That will give you time to translate the quote, if that's what you want.

Re: hi, is thsi still up?

ok. I've started learning Quenya and tolklang meself, but You're the expert at designing the images, so I'll leave it to you... :) thanks.
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